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“You’ll earn outstanding income that’s reliable right from the get go. Over time the number of modules an operator stores becomes a really profitable income stream and incredibly valuable.”



Supercheap Storage (SCS) is the largest mobile storage provider in Australia and has recently expanded into New Zealand. The company is locally owned and has been operating in Australia since 2008.  As a franchise model it allows local business owners to provide a great product to their local city

The SCS brand is known for revolutionising the self storage market. SCS took what was traditionally time consuming, expensive and stressful, and made it a much smoother and easier process. Portable storage modules are delivered to the home or office, where customers can load at their convenience or have the specially trained SCS team load the storage module for them.

SCS eliminates the need to handle each item of storage twice (the initial load up, then the second unload at the facility), saving plenty of time and money. Those savings are then passed onto our happy customers!

Today, SCS has franchises in all major cities across Australia, with the additional expansion into New Zealand and the view to continue regional and international roll out in the next twelve months. Get ready to be a part of something big!

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Our History

Supercheap Storage (SCS) was originally founded in Australia in 2008. Following the success of Supercheap Storage in the Australia, the New Zealand Supercheap Storage (SCS) operations was launched by Nathan Davidson in 2017.

Nathan has a Business Degree and has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience after forming his first business at just 19 years of age. He also owns & operates Supercheap Storage stores in Australia.

After many trips “across the ditch” Nathan has fallen in love with the beautiful scenery, ski fields, and friendly Kiwi locals that New Zealand has to offer. Nathan is looking forward to extending and growing the Supercheap Storage brand across this beautiful country!

Currently boasting the largest mobile self storage network in Australia, SCS has facilities in all major Australian cities. SCS is highly excited to bring their service and expertise to a new market of customers in New Zealand.

Supercheap Storage set itself up with one thing in mind  ‘How can we provide convenient, affordable, safe and secure storage to our customers?

Your success is our success, so we have experts on hand to help you get to grips with your new business. We know that the way to grow our business is by providing the systems and support to our Franchise Owners to assist them to be successful and profitable – supporting them in delivering our brand promise to our customers. Often that means going the extra mile, and ultimately, that is why we are the fastest growing mobile storage business in Australia.


SCS will help you develop a marketing plan detailing key objectives throughout the year. This plan ensures Franchise Owners and staff across Australia are aware of what is happening and can support the National marketing activities on a local level.

SCS has embraced digital marketing. An excellent organic Google ranking, combined with innovative online and offline campaign strategies mean we rule the market place. We partner with the best digital suppliers in PPC, SEM and Social.

The SCS team includes a dedicated Marketing manager to ensure you are getting the most out of each opportunity.

Budget monthly lead and conversion targets, improve your tele-sales techniques and complete your annual local marketing planner!


Our software team worry about the technical stuff, so that you don’t have to. The SCS software system is cloud based and integrated, streamlining every aspect of your business – from your CRM, scheduling, sales and conversion reporting, communications and ongoing billing. Software experts are available during business hours for technical support should franchisee’s require any assistance.

Franchise Support

We have an intensive 2 week training program where you are taught the Supercheap Storage way; module building, module loading, daily operations and sales and marketing. Those first weeks can be a daunting time, but with the support of Head Office you’ll set off on the right foot! Following this you have the benefit of the scheduled phone contacts and quarterly onsite visits detailing the latest system updates and tips to get your site performing with the best of them. No matter what you need the SCS Support team is just a phone call away.

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  • Why Choose Supercheap Storage ?

    Here are the reason you should choose Supercheap Storage:
    No.18 on the BRW fast 100 list
    Strong Support from the Supercheap Storage central office. From day one we help you setup the facility and guide you trough the growth milestones.
    Consistency of brand and consistency of offer – We believe consistency is the key to success.
    Strong multi territory representation. – Many owners have multiple territories.

  • What support does Supercheap Storage central office provide?

    Your success is our success. Our franchisees can rely on a strong support system from Supercheap Storage Central Office.
    Training, from initial induction at Supercheap Storage head office training as well as ongoing programs and workshops and onsite visits.
    Initial storage facility qualification and site selection
    Real estate negotiation and demographics
    Storage facility layout and design
    Marketing design and support
    Technology and software support
    Business performance management and operational support

  • What size is the ideal Supercheap Storage warehouse?

    Supercheap Storage facilities generally grow fast and need to move to larger premises within the first 12 months of operation.
    Normally you would start with a warehouse that is a minimum of 500m2 or more.

  • Will I be given help to find my Supercheap Storage Facility?

    Before you commence our leasing team will review all suitable sites in your territory with you. We will then estimate the projected revenue of a facility warehouse.
    We will help you identify leasing deals and help you negotiate with the agents.

  • What makes the ideal Supercheap Storage facility?

    An ideal site is located near high density living areas
    It will have prominent signage opportunities and have an internal clearance of at least 8 meters.
    Good vehicle access and parking is a must
    Good access to highways and freeways

  • What is the term of the franchise?

    The term of the franchise is 10 years in total.
    This is made up of a 5 + 5

  • How much money do I need?

    You would need 300K in combined cash and equity. If you are short of this we would welcome business partnerships.

  • How does a Supercheap Storage facility create revenue?

    Storage Fees
    Moving revenue
    Boxes and Packaging

  • How much money will I make?

    The Supercheap Storage Franchise model is very simple. Once we have determined your rent most of the other costs are consistent.
    We would do a cash flow model with you before you sign up and then we will track you to the model on a quarterly basis.

  • How much training will I receive?

    Training at Supercheap Storage is ongoing.
    Initially we start with 2 weeks training both onsite and at the Supercheap Storage Central office.
    We will provide support and additional training through workshops and online modules.

  • Do I get an operations manual?

    We provide an Operations manual which is online. You will have 24/7 access to this and you will always have the most current copy.
    We also have software manuals.
    We are available for support questions anytime.

  • How much is the franchise fee?

    There is an initial fee which includes all training and setup and legals. This is $52550 and gives you 10 years to operate a Supercheap Storage facility.
    There is also a monthly royalty which covers support, club monitoring and marketing.


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